Grow into the person you know you can be and follow a plan to get where you want!

“Having a cheerleader who could handle emotions and meet me where I was at and help me with goals from getting laid to getting paid. Ha!!” – JM, Therapist and Author

You’ve come far already. You’ve made some great things happen and earned the level of success you’ve reached, but does it feel like something is missing? Like there must be more than this?

Perhaps now is the time to partner with someone committed to your success, happiness and growth, who is skilled at and sensitive to listening to you, who cares about your life and comes with years of experience and success working with entrepreneurs, leaders and creative people. I use trusted coaching methods and mindful approaches to help clients open up to a new levels of power and possibility.

“Gregg made it safe for the feminine side to show up in equal balance with the masculine side, and be every bit as business-like, goal-oriented and process-oriented for personal goals like dating to business goals like growing the client-base.”

How I Help My Clients

My clients usually find me to help create breakthroughs in these areas:

• Tapping into greater power and clarity to source breakthrough real life results, enhance leadership and step up to the challenges of our lives

• Making a powerful professional life work with a fulfilling life overall

• Family/Parenting support

• Personal Life – feeling comfortable in your skin, good about yourself and having fun while getting what you want

• Reaching new heights and remedying professional plateaus

• Learning how to put yourself first and keep things moving at home and work

“I’m happy to report that I’m seeing results in my writing business (I was just offered a position as a writing instructor at a university!) and in my love life (I’m in a loving, committed relationship with an incredibly kind, sexy, and accomplished man, and the future with him is very bright!).” 
“Gregg helped me discover my deepest values, and gifts. [He] helped guide me past career life to a life of deep significance.”

Who I Work With

Empower and Emerge is coaching for people who are looking to change the game of their work and their lives, bring fulfillment and happiness to new levels and create a relationship with yourself and others that truly works. I’m a coach whose life’s work has been to create powerful conversations where the focus is on people living the lives they truly want as the person they always wanted to be. This has been an incredibly important part of my life since I was nine years old. Since 2006, I’ve made it my profession.

“I know that I would not be in the loving marriage that I am in, had it not been for Gregg”

What To Expect

Our work together is designed to be a holistic support to you in all aspects of your life.  If you want to make more money, reach greater heights, be more self-expressed, get over some patterns and frequent outcomes in your relationships, create a loving and kind relationship with yourself or to experience success like never before, we can work on it together. You can feel like you have new-found power in any area of your life that you choose.

“He’s right there by your side, and will be there to catch you when you fall or shout from the rooftops in celebration of your success. He stands for you, period.”

How Coaching Works

I speak to my clients weekly over the phone or sometimes via videoconferencing for between 60-90 minutes. We create a close, trusted coaching relationship and make sure you feel heard, known and appropriately challenged. Then we add a coaching plan, weekly accountability and powerful questions designed to help you see how you operate and what new choices and possibilities are available. This is the foundation we create together for further achievement and tremendous personal growth inside a truly fulfilling life.

“I wouldn’t have the relationship with my ex-husband that I do today without you. I have a ex-husband and fiance who call, text, and work together as a team both with me and with each other. I owe all of that to the partnership that you and I have worked to create.”

How Much Does It Cost?

Working with me is an investment in your future. While I can’t promise that your income will double because of our time together, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of my clients report a life impact that well exceeds the sum of my coaching fees. When you make a decision to really sit down and put in the hard work required to address relationships, personal growth, and inner desires to live the life you truly want, it’s going to cost you something; emotionally, mentally, and financially. But consider the alternative: what will it cost you if if these issues remain unaddressed? My commitment to you is to do my best to make sure you to always feel like it’s worth it and more.

“Gregg heard me better than I heard myself!

Client Testimonials

Coaching is experiential. Other than taking a test drive, nothing comes closer than an account of other people’s experience. Check out a few below and you can see more here:

“As a professional woman, knowing Gregg had a successful professional career prior to becoming a coach and went on to build an acclaimed global coaching practice makes me comfortable working with him. He is old enough to draw from his own professional insights, and he brings understanding from being married to a professional woman. He also is conscious of the demand society places on professional women who may choose to also have a family and attempt some sort of “work-life balance.” Whichever type of professional woman you are and whatever choices you have made or wish to make in your life, Gregg brings a warm heart, open mind and a caring spirit to help guide you on your journey. He’s right there by your side, and will be there to catch you when you fall or shout from the rooftops in celebration of your success. He stands for you, period.”

AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry

“Professional women have to be so siloed. They can’t bring emotions or family issues into the workplace, if they’re successful they’re either considered a bitch or assumed to be sleeping with someone. They often only show their masculine side. Gregg made it safe for the feminine side to show up in equal balance with the masculine side, and be every bit as business-like, goal-oriented and process-oriented for personal goals like dating to business goals like growing the client-base.”

AJ, Licensed Therapist, Business Owner and Author

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