Coaching Women

When you’re a boy raised by your mother after your father passes away, in many homes you learn to listen. I did. This ran through my whole life, listening, listening. Then you grow up and wind up in relationships, friendships and beyond and you keep on listening.

I feel I’ve learned so much from listening and I’ve always felt comfortable bringing that to my coaching work with women. There seems to be a specific and often powerful experience for some people when you feel heard and encouraged by someone you relate to as being of the opposite sex or gender. For some clients, this is entirely new to them, for others, it feels like it fills in missing pieces and helps them in relationships with other men. Equal opportunity and access to positions of power and influence have always been important to me. It’s an honor to support women reaching their chosen heights. If any of this sounds potentially useful to you, please be in touch.

Some testimonials:

“Having a male cheerleader who could handle emotions and meet me where I was at and help me with goals from getting laid to getting paid. Ha!!

Flirting; making space for the sexual part of me as well as the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and business sides of me. There hasn’t been room for that in therapy.

I haven’t quite figured out how to articulate this yet, but codependence tends to be a need-meeting/caregiving condition: I’ll take care of you in the hope that you’ll take care of me (arising out of an anxious attachment style where babe has to take care of mom in order to get basic needs met to survive). Bringing the sexual aspect in in a flirty and equal (rather than a need-meeting) way is an extremely helpful (and maybe necessary?) antidote to break the codependence spell.”

– AJ, Therapist and Author


“He’s a loving husband and father. He listens especially well and is articulate. He clearly loves and cares for the feminine and genuinely wants women to succeed. Gregg had me see that what I really wanted was to be known and accepted for who I am, and I could accomplish that by sharing my writing and by being vulnerable while dating. I’m happy to report that I’m seeing results in my writing business (I was just offered a position as a writing instructor at a university!) and in my love life (I’m in a loving, committed relationship with an incredibly kind, sexy, and accomplished man, and the future with him is very bright!).”

– AB, Author and University Professor


“Whether it be in dealing with matters of the heart, career/profession, or just everyday life, Gregg brings his true masculine self that comes with the attendant ways of thinking (the classic Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus), yet it doesn’t feel that way. He is able to wrap his head around them feminine way of thinking and feeling. He grasps emotions and subtleties the way your female BFF would. He is there for you in ways most men won’t allow themselves to be, because they usually won’t take the time to do the deep introspective thinking and feeling needed to get that close to their innermost thoughts and feelings.  Gregg “gets” you on multiple levels, which makes for a really pleasant and easy-going relationship.”

-AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry


“This relationship is very special to me, some may not even understand why a woman would want a male coach (including the men in their lives). Most women prefer female doctors, masseuses, nail technicians, hair stylists, etc. But I believe that there is something that I receive from having a male coach who gets me that I greatly need. He recognizes the power in me and is able to pull this out of me on each and every call. Sometimes I show up to the call frazzled, unorganized, and not confident- but by the end, my power and passion is pouring out.”

– LS, Education Leader


“There is also a very non patronizing relief to have a relationship such as this, given at face value, and not having to slog through gender vetting or proving myself as an individual.  It sounds odd, but this is probably the only relationship where I have been able to enjoy this complete acceptance. He’s not going to be your BFF, a shoulder to cry on, but he will be sensitive, objective, and accepting. But if a shoulder to cry on is needed to get to work, then he is absolutely available and sincere.”

– RS, President, Non-Profit in the Space Industry


“Gregg challenged me to acknowledge what my heart desires in a relationship, and to hold out for it. Most importantly, he helped me cultivate meaningful relationships by being a great source of love and empowerment for my partner. Gregg brought insights into how my behavior would be received by a man and helped me see how I can be a source of life and love for my partner – a relationship inline with my deepest purpose.”

– RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder