Evoking Your Greatest Self

Perhaps what my clients value most is my ability to see and reflect their true selves, beneath the trials of life and the bugaboos we create from trying to figure out how to live our lives. We often make compromises and forget parts of ourselves that we feel are not fully appreciated or safe for us to be.

I use a collaborative approach that focuses listening and trust to help clients get direct access to this greater self and over time, this is who they become more and more. This is a deep experience where clients go beyond cerebrally knowing the names of qualities about themselves. We generate this on the level of feeling, one might say energy or vibration that tells us we are in the right place and coming ways of being that are different from whom we’ve been before but connected to who we always knew we could be.

When willing, this becomes a meditative exercise that the client learns how to do themselves, creating an anchor within that can be returned to daily. This results in increased self-satisfaction, better decisions, fewer compromises and much more trust in oneself. It can feel like a powerful set of doors opened up for us that must be experienced to be understood.