The Coaching Relationship

Coaching with me is a weekly conversation over the phone that typically lasts between 60 and 75 minutes. Through our time we investigate areas where you feel stuck or need an injection of creativity, create insights for new actions and attitudes and while working with a plan, we add new actions in line with your stated commitments, while utilizing accountability from session to session.

What happens here that makes people hire coaches and specifically work with me? I think it’s the combination of creating an environment of trust, acceptance and appreciation – I love my clients! – while we concentrate on getting to the edge of their comfort zones and into lives they really cherish. We really do this together and in a way that’s not typical of most male-female relationships. It’s supportive and meant for you to blossom, to feel like more you than you can remember being for a long time.

What I need from you is vital. Without it, our work will not be successful. I need your willingness. It seems like a simple word, but it can be a challenging thing to reliably bring to sessions and our lives. It’s something like belief mixed with openness.

Are you willing for your life to change? Sometimes dramatic changes occur as your life moves into alignment with your dreams. There may be friends that don’t fit anymore. Invitations may come your way that upset the balance of things. You may discover that who you are inside is different than the idea you had about yourself.

Are you willing to create a powerful relationship with a coach where you have conversations that go outside of your comfort zone? I need your trust (and intend to earn it on a continual basis), your introspection. I need my clients to be open to sometimes massive self-discovery. I need your consistency.

Are you willing to be held accountable? Many thrive on accountability but some shy away from it. We will work on leveraging accountability better and better each session. It’s the willingness that we can both hang onto and use as a tool for forging new and exciting results.

Finally, are you willing to make a commitment to yourself? The intention here is far from selfish. What we are looking for is that understanding that if you take care of yourself well, if you’re willing to give yourself as good or better treatment than you are to anyone else in your life, that you will be creating the opportunity for all who count on you to thrive as well and receive your best when you choose to offer it to people.

Here’s what my clients say:

“I felt like Gregg really cared enough to get to know me and bring out the best “me” possible. I felt safe in all the conversations, and I trusted Gregg has only my best self in mind. He clearly loves and cares for the feminine and genuinely wants women to succeed.”

– AB, Author and University Professor


“One thing that he does well is use language that easily sums up issues. He takes in the full length of my story and essentially dumbs it down and then clarifies to make sure he understands exactly what I mean. This doesn’t allow me to be vague or unfocused. And that’s where the work really begins for me. To feel like someone is truly invested in my personal growth is life changing to me.”

– RJ, Consumer Experience Specialist


“Gregg really wants to get to know the true and authentic you, whoever you are and wherever you are in your life’s journey. He wants to bring it out of you so others can experience it.   He doesn’t want access to just one aspect of your life; he needs to see you from every dimension so he can work his magic, like a diamond cutter. He’s truly producing or polishing a gem, and he takes utmost care with your relationship. He won’t hurt you, rather he will remove the layers and smooth the fissures that are dulling you to your innermost essence and obscuring your clarity.”

-AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry


“This [coaching relationship] is a very significant, appreciated and beneficial component of my life.  This would not be so if Gregg didn’t bring sincerity and love specifically to this protected space of “coaching”. Connection with Gregg, and there is an esoteric quality to his coaching that remains after sessions that is tangible, the connection and influence (for lack of a better word) remains. I cannot articulate or say enough about this dynamic in my life being a transformational and profoundly good thing.  Of all the relationships I have had in my life, this is one I value more than most.”

– RS, Leadership Professional and Founder of a Non-Profit in the Space Industry


What do you want more of in your life that is present in your relationship with Gregg?

“Loving commitment and integrity!”

– AB