About Gregg

May 1999. I was 26 and working in music management with a little-known artist and DJ. His career was promising but appeared to be on the down slope. He had just released a record that those close to him thought could be a game-changer, but we had to find a way to get people to hear it. In a small NYC office I helped revolutionize part of the music industry. I proposed that we try to get the songs on the record included in films, TV shows and commercials (“synched”) as a way to earn income without spending money and as a way for the music to reach millions of people. I immediately started what would become a staple of every major music company in the world, a dedicated effort to make these kinds of deals happen. A year later, this album was the first to ever have every song synched and went on to sell over 12 million copies worldwide. I still have those awesome plaques in my office to prove it.

Over time, I got to experience the satisfaction of making high six figure deals and seeing the music of artists I worked with as part of some of the biggest movies, TV shows and media projects in the world, like commercials for the Superbowl and acclaimed movies by directors and studios who had inspired me for most of my life. All of that was great, but it never matched the excitement of helping artists reach their goals. After having done just about everything I wanted to do in that industry and meeting just about all of my idols and even having worked with them in the recording studio, I knew the real love I had in my work was being a part of the movement from an idea to a wonderful reality. I loved being a part of people launching their lives into places that they had previously only known in their dreams, living beyond their fears.

June 1982. My father died of cancer. I was 9 years old and my mother needed me. One of the main focal points of my life was listening, trying to understand, being there for her. My mother went on to start her own business with a partner, raise my brother and me and send us both to college. She was a warrior and I was proud to be by her side. She lost her job once, lost a husband and thankfully always kept going, kept making a home for us that was not automatically expected given the circumstances. From those early days, understanding a woman’s point of view was vital to my idea of myself. It was the most important thing I could do and feel proud of. As I grew up, most of my closest relationships were with women. They told me about their lives and trusted me as someone who cared and could help them with anything, from relationships to believing in themselves.

In June of 2006, after 7 years in the music business, I knew what was next for me. Training as a coach.

Now, I put the 30 years and well more than 10,000 hours of practice talking to people about their lives together with that love of empowerment every day. I realized that this was my life’s work and one of my greatest joys, being a part of the empowerment process and creating results in the lives of women in leadership, inside a relationship of respect, love and power. For the last 10 years, I have been a private life coach and predominantly worked with female clients on projects ranging from moving up the corporate and income ladder, past apparent roadblocks, starting and maintaining successful businesses, creating breakthroughs in marriage relationships and even supporting the successful conception and birth of children in situations where initially there was little hope of this happening. I’m committed to all of this being possible inside a picture of happiness and true power, emerging beyond compromises that leave us feeling ultimately unfulfilled.

I love this work personally and in a big picture way. My mission is to empower professional women so we can live in a world where the expression and contribution of women is unleashed, beyond limiting societal attitudes and actual discriminatory practices. We’ve been doing it another way for long enough and we see the results. More is available. Men getting on board and materially contributing to empower women in ever-increasing ways will help us get there. Thanks, Ma!

I also dedicate a part of my practice exclusively to relationship coaching. I’ve run a meetup group in the DC area called The Relationship Circle for over five years to help people develop their relationship skills and support them transforming as people. If you want to learn more, visit my site here.