“Having a male cheerleader who could handle emotions and meet me where I was at and help me with goals from getting laid to getting paid. Ha!!”

Being heard

Did you feel heard by Gregg?

“Gregg heard me better than I heard myself. He saw past the smoke and mirrors keeping me in my comfort zone. When someone can see you so clearly, you get new awareness about yourself that is permanent.” 

– RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder

“Yes. Society tends to value what men have to say more than women. In my own life (along with many women) I have carved out a niche of providing value to men by listening to them. Having a man listen to me and explore my ideas (rather than just wait for an opportunity to tell me his own experience) was incredibly empowering and felt somewhat indulgent :)”

– AJ, Licensed Therapist and Author

“I always felt heard by Gregg, and never in a dismissive tone.  There is genuineness in his interactions.  Gregg listens thoroughly, but  does not over empathize or bring a permissive attitude in listening. He is wholly present but does not over-edify in his input that is not realistic, or inherently truthful.  He’s not going to be your BFF, a shoulder to cry on, but he will be sensitive, objective, and accepting. But if a shoulder to cry on is needed to get to work, then he is absolutely available and sincere.” 

– RS, Leadership Professional, President of a Non-Profit in the Space Industry

“Gregg listens. And listens well. The same cannot be said for most men.  They don’t have it in them to hear your random thoughts and true, innermost feelings and desires regardless of what they are about. Not only can you tell him ANYTHING, but he will hold it in the utmost confidence and not make you feel less than or “bad” about whatever it is. He is the ultimate sounding board and he is the bottomless well into which you can toss whatever you want and it won’t rise to the surface to haunt you later. Nor will he make light of whatever you say or act as if he’s “been there, heard that, done it all before,” even if he’s heard it from plenty of his clients in the past. Each of us has our own special relationship with Gregg and he comes from a position of trust, first and foremost.”

-AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry

“Always. One thing that he does well is use language that easily sums up issues. He takes in the full length of my story and essentially dumbs it down and then clarifies to make sure he understands exactly what I mean. This doesn’t allow me to be vague or unfocused. And that’s where the work really begins for me.” 

– RJ, Consumer Experience Specialist

“Yes, I felt heard on a very deep level. It was valuable because he could hear tones in my speaking that I wasn’t aware of myself. He could reflect back to me how I was feeling on a somewhat subconscious level. But when he could reflect back to me my own buried feeling, those feelings were brought to the surface, and I could safely address them. It was also valuable because feeling heard allowed me to say more and be more vulnerable.” 

– AB, Author and University Professor

Making relationships work for career-minded women

“Gregg challenged me to acknowledge what my heart desires in a relationship, and to hold out for it. Most importantly, he helped me cultivate meaningful relationships by being a great source of love and empowerment for my partner. Gregg brought insights into how my behavior would be received by a man and helped me see how I can be a source of life and love for my partner – a relationship in line with my deepest purpose.”

– RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder

“I know that I would not be in the loving marriage that I am in, had it not been for Gregg and his no bullshit approach to standing for the creation of possibilities. Standing for what we all really want – love, acceptance, accountability and integrity. I’ve always had pretty great relationships with men… but not very well in my intimate encounters. I constantly feel the need to win or completely disengage. With Gregg, I started to realize I’m not happy when I “win” because my husband isn’t feeling loved, respected or encouraged to be loving. I now know that I have to soften and be vulnerable to allow him to open up and show love. And that’s a win for me!”

RJ, Consumer Experience Specialist

“Because I knew Gregg to be a trustworthy husband and father, it gave me hope that I would find the same for myself. He gave the perspective of a committed, loving man, and our conversations let me see the possibility being fulfilled for myself. Also, a conversation with Gregg had me see that I wanted the same thing in two seemingly disparate parts of my life. That is, I wanted intimacy in my writing career and my love life. Gregg had me see that what I really wanted was to be known and accepted for who I am, and I could accomplish that by sharing my writing and by being vulnerable while dating. I’m happy to report that I’m seeing results in my writing business (I was just offered a position as a writing instructor at a university!) and in my love life (I’m in a loving, committed relationship with an incredibly kind, sexy, and accomplished man, and the future with him is very bright!).” 

– AB, Author and University Professor

“He understands men and helps me to understand them, too. How male minds work is sometimes totally different to how female minds work. This helps me relate more to my fiance and practice how I will say things beforehand. 

I wouldn’t have the relationship with my ex-husband that I do today without you. And I wouldn’t have a fiance who understands the importance of that relationship with my ex for the sake of our children. In three short years we have created a unique blended family that is unlike the typical American divorced family. I have a ex-husband and fiance who call, text, and work together as a team both with me and with each other. I owe all of that to the partnership that you and I have worked to create.” 

– LS, Education Leader

“Gregg helped me become closer to my father, my younger brother, and my husband. He showed me how I was being with them and how I could become closer to them.  I worked with Gregg during the earliest years of my marriage, when I was getting to know my husband and we were learning how to live together after a short-term, long-distance relationship. Gregg helped me to see my authentic self and who I am. This helped me see how the men in my life viewed me and treated me, so I could understand our individual relationships and make them work.  My relationship with my husband is a work in progress and I often reflect on Gregg’s guidance and “words of affirmation” to see me through. I have come to know my husband on so many levels, many of which I wouldn’t have seen, valued or understood had I not gained the insight from my relationship with Gregg.”

-AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry

“I started dating after my first few calls with Gregg and I think my experience with him gave me confidence. And having given me the experience of showing up with the whole of myself, it made me more aware of the occasions with men when only part of me was welcome or could be tolerated. I think it also kept me from settling as it gave me a vision for what was possible, and the ability to manifest it.”

– AJ, Licensed Therapist and Author

Coaching for Professional Women

“Professional women have to be so siloed. They can’t bring emotions or family issues into the workplace, if they’re successful they’re either considered a bitch or assumed to be sleeping with someone. They often only show their masculine side. Gregg made it safe for the feminine side to show up in equal balance with the masculine side, and be every bit as business-like, goal-oriented and process-oriented for personal goals like dating to business goals like growing the client-base.”

– AJ, Licensed Therapist, Business Owner and Author

“I was really hard on myself when I met Gregg. I saw myself as a failure because I wasn’t winning at the game of success. Gregg helped me discover my deepest values, and gifts. To my surprise, I didn’t want money, status, power or lots of beautiful things, I wanted to serve mankind through self-less giving. That meant having to let my heart get really vulnerable to ridicule and anxiety as I started from scratch on a new path success. That was six years ago, and I can say I am firmly on the path to living my highest purpose. Money, power and success eventually came but what I do with them today is drastically different than what I would have when I pursued them for their own sake. For that, I have gained a respect and love for my own self and am in turn very happy. Gregg helped guide me past career life to a life of deep significance.” 

– RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder

“As a professional woman, knowing Gregg had a successful professional career prior to becoming a coach and went on to build an acclaimed global coaching practice makes me comfortable working with him. He is old enough to draw from his own professional insights, and he brings understanding from being married to a professional woman. He also is conscious of the demand society places on professional women who may choose to also have a family and attempt some sort of “work-life balance.” Whpichever type of professional woman you are and whatever choices you have made or wish to make in your life, Gregg brings a warm heart, open mind and a caring spirit to help guide you on your journey. He’s right there by your side, and will be there to catch you when you fall or shout from the rooftops in celebration of your success. He stands for you, period.”

-AS, Sr. Manager, Defense Industry

“If you want to make more money, change careers, invest in your personal relationships outside of work… He’ll create a framework to get you what you want. But you have to be willing to be vulnerable and do stuff that often seems cringe-worthy. (Asking for a raise, quitting your job, asking someone out even though it goes against the grain). Since we worked together last year.. my goals were: get a job that I felt valued at, earn more money and love what I do.I have accomplished all the above. Happiest I’ve ever been. Got a raise and a bonus in my first 8 months and my colleagues and managers love me. And I them. I don’t come home and bitch about work… and things that are stressful just aren’t as consuming and awful.” 

– RJ, Consumer Experience Specialist


A male coach for women?

“Having a male cheerleader who could handle emotions and meet me where I was at and help me with goals from getting laid to getting paid. Ha!!

Somehow with society valuing men and their contribution more than women, it was worth more. Having a man listen to me and explore my ideas (rather than just wait for an opportunity to tell me his own experience) was incredibly empowering and felt somewhat indulgent :)” 

– AJ, Therapist

“I think it is helpful having a male coach. He understands men and helps me to understand them, too. How male minds work is sometimes totally different to how female minds work. This helps me relate more to my fiance and practice how I will say things beforehand.”

RJ, Consumer Experience Specialist

“This relationship is very special to me, some may not even understand why a woman would want a male coach (including the men in their lives). Most women prefer female doctors, masseuses, nail technicians, hair stylists, etc. But I believe that there is something that I receive from having a male coach who gets me that I greatly need. He recognizes the power in me and is able to pull this out of me on each and every call. Sometimes I show up to the call frazzled, unorganized, and not confident- but by the end, my power and passion is pouring out. 

– LS, Education Leader, Independent Consultant and Published Author

Gregg is excellent in creating a confidence in equality of genders as a given. He is neither overly empathetic, or indifferent. What comes to mind the most from this is that he discusses strategic advantages of gender differences, without implying any disparity in the belief of equals.  Me, being rather focused as an individual, despite my gender, has had the effect of not being in tune with the natural interpretations of gender-biased encounters. Gregg shared some skills that were very beneficial for me to have a better awareness of the cause and effect of these interactions, that otherwise I would have been oblivious to. There is also a very non-patronizing relief to have a relationship such as this, given at face value, and not having to slog through gender vetting or proving myself as an individual.  It sounds odd, but this is probably the only  relationship where I have been able to enjoy this complete acceptance.” 

– RS, President, Non-Profit in the Space Industry

“Since I had been focusing on finding a male partner, Gregg’s being a married man with a family brought a lot of possibility and warmth to the process. He gave the perspective of a committed, loving man, and our conversations let me see the possibility being fulfilled for myself.” 

– AB, Author and University Professor

 “Gregg brought the type of clarity of direction and criticality that sometimes comes at the expense of compassion, something I expect more of from women. Not to say Gregg lacks compassion, but that he’s not dwelling on my feelings and impressions so that we can quickly move to the source of disempowering thoughts. At first this was very uncomfortable because I wanted to linger in the compassion, but I also avoided the work of observing how I was the source of my own limitations. Gregg taught me how to do this objective introspection over the year we worked together. In time, I discovered the leaps and bounds of growth available through honest self-reflection, and taking responsibility for everything in my life. This was the most empowering realization and skill I could have had.” 

– RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder