RE, Think Tank Consultant and Non-Profit Founder

“I was really hard on myself when I met Gregg. I saw myself as a failure because I wasn’t winning at the game of success. Gregg helped me discover my deepest values, and gifts. To my surprise, I didn’t want money, status, power or lots of beautiful things, I wanted to serve mankind through self-less giving. That meant having to let my heart get really vulnerable to ridicule and anxiety as I started from scratch on a new path success. That was six years ago, and I can say I am firmly on the path to living my highest purpose. Money, power and success eventually came but what I do with them today is drastically different than what I would have when I pursued them for their own sake. For that, I have gained a respect and love for my own self and am in turn very happy. Gregg helped guide me past career life to a life of deep significance.”